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DanMed Services

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

Project management


Quality assurance and control

Requlatory affairs

Clinical research

Medial writing


Vertification and validation


CAPA, Root cause analysis



Regulatory affair documentation e.g., CTD, desing dossier, 510(k), study protocols and reports

Medical writing

Selecting key performance indications quality matrics



Social media marketing

Personell optimation

Customer service skills

Profit and profit margines

Accounting skills

Information security plan

Marketing and sales plan

Quality system planing

Account and financial management

Human Resources and Education/Training

Tailored planing for human resources and training for your needs.

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DanMed is a service providing family company for health care sector. We are located in Espoo, Finland, but we operate world wide, mainly in Europe and US. We offer services adjustable for your needs for example (but not limited to) in the area of auditing different types of operations and activities, pharmaceutical product development, clinical trials phase I–IV studies, medical device investigations, food and nutrition, cosmetic products, project management, human resources, consultation, education/training, and economics.

We also provide outsourcing services and flexible solutions for investigator-initiated studies. We are keen to provide you solutions for a complete service package or just a part particularly needed. Our services also include planning of operations with risk analysis.

We are at your service. Please, let us know how can we help you.


Dan Rosenqvist
B.Sc.Pharm, MPL

Dan Rosenqvist has graduated to Bachelor in Science, Pharmacy from Helsinki University, Faculty of Pharmacy and he is multi pilot license holder with type rating for A32S. He has long background in retail pharmacy and has experience from different sizes of pharmacies.

Currently, he is working also as a pharmacist in Nummela New Pharmacy where his special areas of responsibilities are marketing, social networks and implementing new services (e.g., online pharmacy). He has also knowledge of creating new pharmacies from scratch for example (but not limited to) design layout of commercial space and generating otc and prescription stock.




Kirsi Rosenqvist

Kirsi Rosenqvist has a strong background in clinical research and holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences. Dr. Rosenqvist has extensive experience in regulatory affairs and quality assurance, and has served as e.g. Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. During her over three-decade career, Dr. Rosenqvist has held top-level positions in several medical device and pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer Oy, Biotie Therapies, BonAlive Ltd and Medtentia International Ltd. Dr. Rosenqvist is certified lead auditor (ISO 9001).


Heikki Rosenqvist
Master of Economic Science

Heikki Rosenqvist has long teaching background in accounting and financial sector of business.

Heikki Rosenqvist has also strong business education experience.

Heikki Rosenqvist has experience in training  business economics in many different size of companies. Main competence  areas are profitable business activity, finance and accounting.

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Dan Rosenqvist
mobile: +358 40 574 5810
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Kirsi Rosenqvist
mobile: +358 40 512 4993
e-mail: [email protected]

Heikki Rosenqvist
mobile: +358 50 545 5501
e-mail: [email protected]

Tonttumuorinkuja 5 B, FI02200 Espoo, Finland

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